Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the oscars

Watched a couple of videos from Dreamgirls and they just blew me away. Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles singing, just watching the trailer gives me chills. Make yourself a favor, find your way to the clip below (in the movie's web site, in Media & Video/Clips) and watch Beyonce singing 'Listen'. A full video in YouTube.
About Jennifer Hudson, what a terrific story, 'only in America' kind. She's been compared to Aretha Franklin. Watch this interview with Today Show's Matt Lauer.'Half Nelson'. With a title like that I've got to watch it.
My sentimental favorite for Best Movie: 'Little Miss Sunshine'.
On an ad industry note, you've probably seen Wieden & Kennedy's Honda Civic 'Choir' commercial. According to W&K's blog, "Steve Sidwell, composer of the soundtrack and conductor of the choir in the ad, has been commissioned to compose and conduct a soundtrack for a choir to sing live at the Academy Awards emulating vintage motion picture feedback". Pretty cool.

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