Monday, January 29, 2007

no more 'mystery photos'?

I once wrote about how technology will help us in creating more context and meaning in the photos we take. See post here.
Last week, I came across this article in The Guardian (reg. required) about a new company called Polar Rose, which promises to bring face recognition technology to the web. Basically it's a mix of social network tagging (e.g. and facial recognition software. Read the company's pitch below:
The Polar Rose plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer lets you discover who's in a picture on any public photo. The plug-in detects people in online photos and places our signature rose approximately where the pinhole of their shirt would be. A click on the rose will bring up a tooltip with relevant information, including name and other photos found of the same person. As a user, you help train our engine by tagging names or verifying the data generated by Polar Rose or by your fellow users.

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