Thursday, January 25, 2007

the new hello kitty?

I spent some time during the holidays watching TV with my son (ok, maybe it was more like 'a lot of time'). Mostly "Power Rangers" stuff, but in the middle of it all, we came across "Pucca Funny Love", and it couldn't be a more refreshing thing.
Pucca is a young girl who is in love with a ninja boy called Garu. Garu, like all ninja boys, is not much into this romance thing, he wants to fight the world. So, as much as he likes Pucca, he tries to avoid any excessive demonstration of affection. Which is exactly what Pucca is all about. Whenever she can, she tries to steal a kiss from Garu, much to his embarrassment.
It is produced by Vooz, a Korean company, all in Macromedia Flash, with very little or no dialogue, and it's impossibly cute. Now, most guys would yawn at the very mention of the word 'cute', as in 'Hello Kitty cute', and I confess I'm not a big fan either, but this is simply too cute. Even my son, who nowadays is very much into "heroes vs. monsters" thing, had fun watching it.
When Pucca and Garu run, tiny sweat drops appear on their foreheads, as if attached by Velcro (it happens all the time with Garu. When he is kissed by Pucca, he flushes with embarrassment and a tiny drop appears on his face). It's so funny, perhaps because it is so true.

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