Wednesday, January 10, 2007

apple's stock

Apple's stock price rose more than 7% after the announcements made yesterday at MacWorld Conference, adding roughly US$ 5 billion to its market cap (closed at US$ 79.5 billion). Not bad for a two-hour presentation. See below the summary of yesterday's trading activities.
Macminute has an interesting report about the effect of Jobs' presentation on Apple's shares (from bottom up):
- Apple changes name to Apple Inc., dropping "Computer"
- Apple shares up 8% at $92.42
- iPhone to be available in June, 4GB version priced at US$499, 8GB $599
- Apple partners with Cingular Wireless for iPhone
- Apple shares up 5.5% at US$90.22
- iPhone features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities
- iPhone will have a 3.5-inch diagonal screen and be 11.6 millimeters thick
- iPhone includes two-megapixel camera
- iPhone to connect with iTunes
- Apple expects to sell 100 millionth iPod in 2007
- Apple iPhone features "revolutionary" touch-screen -- to use new "Multi-Touch" technology, which Apple has patented
- Apple stock up 3.5% at US$88.48
- Apple calls new product "iPhone"
- Jobs: "Apple is going to reinvent the phone"
- Jobs unveils mobile phone
- Apple TV shipping in February for US$299. Pre-orders available today.
- Apple TV can stream content from up to five computers
- Apple TV device holds movies, TV shows, music, photos
- Apple shares up 40 cents at US$85.85
- Apple changes iTV name to Apple TV -- 40GB hard drive, stores 50 hrs vide

In the meantime, shares of Blackberry maker Research in Motion dropped 11%, losing about US$ 2 billion in market value.


Alex said...

Damn! Forgot to buy some Apple stock
yesterday when I went to the grocery store.



Andre Felipe said...

Nelson, so take a look and feel all the power of Apple to innovate and turn gadgets into obsolete pieces of crap!

Nelson said...

Hey Alex, me too, should've bought some (at the grocery store ;-). And Andre, I bet one day they will come up with the iPod Pequeño!