Tuesday, December 12, 2006

wii at the science museum

The Science Museum in London has a great exhibition exploring the history, technology and culture of computer games. You can play some of the classic games of all time, like Pongo, Super Mario, and PacMan, among many others.
The highlight of the exhibition is a special Wii and Playstation zone. We went there last Thursday and tried the Wii. We played tennis and it was a blast, really fun. Just one warning: although you don't get to run like in a real tennis match, it's advisable to warm-up at least your upper-body because the arm movement is pretty much what you would do in the real thing. If you don't do this, you'll feel your arms sore the following day (as I did).


mz said...

i noticed the same thing when playing the Wii for a short while the other day. it's like real exercise! :)

still haven't been able to buy mine, though. all sold out here.

Nelson said...

yes, too much topspin, hehe...

Marcus said...


Wii is for kids...360 for men !

Give up this idea of having a Wii at home.

Test drive a 360 somewhere in London or Singapore with the GEARS OF WAR game in it.

Life will never the same again.


Nelson said...

haha, try the Wii and then tell me your impressions...
cheers, Nelson