Thursday, December 14, 2006


I went to meet Alex and his gang from ag_407, André, Fernando and Selma. They handed me a copy of the "Invitro Yellow Pages" (looks great, congrats guys) and we chatted for some time. Such nice people. Later, Alex and Fernando took me for a delicious lunch at Pitanga (their specialty is typical Brazilian food).
The photo below was the "icing on the cake", a modern version of a traditional Brazilian dessert called "Romeo and Juliet". It's a cheese mousse swimming in guava syrup. Pure heaven.
Thanks Alex for picking up the bill.


Roger von Oech said...

It looks good enough to eat (or lick right off the screen).

Do you know Daniel Scocco at

He's Brazilian and just returned from Italy.

Best wishes!

Roger von Oech

alex said...

Hey Nelson,
You are welcome. Was great to have you around and chat.
Next year we'll do it again (maybe in Singapur, who knows).
Hey, the post above it's from
Roger von Oech, unbelievable.
I read his book "A kick in the side of the head", like 10 years ago or more.

Nelson said...

Hi Roger,
Man, you made my day. Sorry to gush like this, but I'm a huge, huge fan of yours (read your books, bought your cards, adopted a lot of your thinking to my own life) and to have you writing a comment here, it's an honor. Thanks for pointing me to Daniel. I don't know him, but will certainly check his blog. Thanks for the comment, and as we say in Brazil, "Grande abraço"!
ps: Alex, yeah, I had the same reaction, unbeliavable!
Let's repeat this by the Singapore River next time.

Marcus Freitas said...


it really looks delicious this one.

Guava Rocks !


alex said...

I just had a look at home, and the book is actually called " A WHACK on the side of the head".