Tuesday, October 17, 2006

where do ideas come from?

I came across this neat web application to share presentations (via Infectious Greed). It works pretty much like YouTube, you can upload your presentation and share it with everybody who access the site, or you can embed it on your own web site, which I'm doing here. I took an old presentation I did about E.T., the movie. See below. I think it's another good example of "where do ideas come from". This has the potential to become an interesting series. PS: the only thing is it changed the italics in the title to that weird font.


mz said...

Had never really read in to the imagery of the movie. Interesting.

Nelson said...

Yeah, it gets even more interesting... Spielberg is a very good friend of George Lucas, as we all know. Apparently, Lucas hired "The Power of Myth" author, Joseph Campbell, as a consultant for his Star Wars movies. Star Wars was launched in 1977, E.T. 5 years later, in 1982.