Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I love "ramen", not the pre-packed, microwavable one, but the real thing, made with a rich pork bone broth, with tender pieces of pork meat, an egg, and succulent noodles. I'm not alone. People can get pretty obsessed about ramen. I never heard of a Pizza Museum, and yet there is a Ramen Museum in the city of Yokohama, one testament of the ramen-craze, complete with ramen shops, ramen video-games (?), a replica of an old street in Tokyo with old ramen carts and all ramen paraphernalia you can imagine. And for those movie buffs who can't be satisfied only with Tampopo, there's another "ramen movie" being made, Ramen Girl, starring Brittany Murphy, which is schedule to open in 2007. There are also many "ramen bloggers", such as this and this. Well, here's my small contribution: last time I went to Tokyo, I found Manrikiya (photo above), a small ramen shop in Azabu-juban. They had a funny collection of Japanese figure toys in one corner, and the ramen was simply delicious.
Here's the address:
Tokyo-to Minato-ku
Azabu-juban 2-3-2


guscasas said...

I love “ramen” but I insist in call this fabulous dish by Lamen !! (Don’t get me started about this).
I have to ask you one question about it, can you eat an extremely hot domburi of ramen without make those terrible noises? I really think that is the best way to eat a ramen but can cause you hear a lot of “Eaw´s”
Here in São Paulo we don’t have great places serving ramen but the few that I know have such strange names like: Porque Sim a mix of ramen house with karaoke and Aska with a lot of my friends prefer call asco=something that made you nauseous.
So I still in the search of a japanese restaurant here in Brazil who can serve a good ramen!
Any tips?

Nelson said...

Well, you won't believe this. I lived my whole life in Sao Paulo but only fell in love with ramen when I moved to Singapore. I assume there must be some good ramen restaurant over there given the large Japanese community. Well, at least I hope there is because when I go back there I'm sure going to look for one. Regarding the slurping sound, I guess it's part of the culture (and yes I agree that it's the best way, very very hot), but if I'm eating ramen in a Western country I always try not to call too much attention. Here in Asia it's fine, thank God.