Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Construction Workers' Fashion

I've been looking for this for some time and I'm glad I found it, thanks to Momus - the crazy, eye-patched, "alternative" Scottish musician who writes a column for Wired and loves everything Japanese (though I suspect he'd hate me for labelling like that... but I love his style) - and an excellent piece in Ping Magazine (a Tokyo-based design magazine). Take a look at these pants. They're called Tobi. They're worn by most Japanese construction workers. The first time I saw them was on NHK's "Cool Japan" TV show. They look like extra-baggy cargo pants, but their narrow legs remind me of ninja outfits.
You can find them at Toraichi, and at Kaseyama (and there's a model for children as well).
The shoes are also very cool. They're called jika-tabi and they look like the traditional Japanese socks, originally designed to be worn with sandals. Jika-tabis however have a rubber sole and some of them are reinforced with metal to protect the toes. You can find them at amazon.com or at jinka-tabi.com.

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