Monday, September 18, 2006

Steve Jobs' transformation

Just continuing with the topic of changes/transformations. I saw the historic video of Steve Jobs at the launch of the Macintosh, in 1983,...

...and then saw his now famous Stanford commencement speech video in 2005 (wonderful thing this YouTube).

It’s amazing how time can turn a cocky, brash, young entrepreneur (sporting a very uncool bow tie nonetheless) into a sage (that’s what Jobs looks like now). For me, at least, he seems to be a much better person. Jobs, like Agassi, was insanely (to use one of his favourite words) successful when young, then got kicked out from the company he helped found. He was lucky enough to return to Apple as an iCEO (interim-CEO, title he held for some time before dropping the “interim” for good), in what must be one of the sweetest redemption stories in corporate history.

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