Monday, September 18, 2006

Electra Bikes

Ok, this is now definitely on my "wish list": Electra Bike. I took up cycling recently and bought a black Trek 3900, made of aluminium. Pretty good bike and I’m having tons of fun with it. But then, I saw this ad in “Bicycling” magazine.
You have to be really bold to ask “Tour de what?” in the “world’s leading bike magazine” as “Bicycling” calls itself. While all other bike brands are trying to make bikes that are lighter and faster, Electra comes up with the concept “slow down and meet more chicks”. The whole concept of the bike takes us to a point in time where life was slower: the retro cruiser design, the flat-foot-technology as the company calls it, the name of the models (this one in particular is the Hellbilly, which I found pretty neat).
The text says: "Don't speed past the girls. Wave a little, and give 'em a big ol' smile...see those guys that are all hunched and sweating, they've got it all unless you ride fast enough to get that yellow jersey - slow down altogether. And give chicks a chance to admire you, and your wicked wheels". Brilliant!
There’s a real lesson of differentiating yourself here. Can somebody please bring these bikes to Singapore?

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