Monday, April 16, 2007

spring in tokyo

Spring is arguably the best season of the year to visit Tokyo. Apart from the beautiful cherry blossom, the weather is pleasantly mild. Below, some snapshots from there.
Cherry blossom season
Daisuke Matsuzaka everywhere
Election time in Tokyo doesn't necessarily mean dirty streets full of pamphlets. Below, an ad board designed for the placement of politicians' ads. Oh, and by the way, hard-liner politician Shintaro Ishihara got reelected as Tokyo governor. The recently inaugurated Tokyo Midtown (the tallest building in Tokyo and a very posh place) as seen from Roppongi Hills
The legendary Hachiko statue, in Shibuya


Ken said...

Confirmado pra este domingo o desafio Matsuzaka x Matsui no RedSox x Yankees? Algum buchicho por aí? Beijão das terras brasilis, Nersão. Ken.

Nelson said...

Fala Ken, parece que vai rolar mesmo. Já voltei para Cingapura, mas enquanto estava lá pude ver a cobertura do encontro Matsuzaka vs. Ichiro (no qual aliás Dice-K decepcionou). Brincadeira, eles passaram o replay de "todos" os 'at bats' entre os dois da época quando eles jogavam no Japão. abs, Nelson