Wednesday, April 04, 2007

daisuke matsuzaka's impact

In reference to this post about the state-owned TV channels, somebody asked me "why do you need to tune in to NHK to know about the latest on Daisuke? Why don't you simply watch ESPN?". Well, take a look at the pictures below.
They're from the Red Sox spring training in Florida, where 120 credentialed reporters, mostly Japanese, squeezed themselves in for a special press conference organized only for Matsuzaka (they actually don't seem to care too much about the rest of the team). And that's for spring training! They follow his every footsteps (the third picture is the NHK correspondent reporting live from Florida), so if you want to know what Dice-K had for breakfast, for example, you have to rely on the Japanese media.
Boston Red Sox's COO Mike Dee, on a Sports Business Radio interview, mentioned:
"When we announced we signed Daisuke, there weren't direct flights, believe it or not, from Tokyo to Boston. Now I know two or three airlines are in the process of adding direct flights during the baseball season. That's a clear and measurable impact of what we'll see."
I guess those extra routes must be just for the Japanese reporters then.


paulo said...

Oi Nelson! Quanto tempo hein?! Sensacional o post, fiquei pensando na hipótese de clubes brasileiros de futebol utilizarem a mesma estratégia por aqui pra tentar angariar alguns yens, mas imagina se um time brasileiro resolve contratar um japonês e acontece a mesma coisa....o nosso caos aéreo iria triplicar rs

Abraços :)

Nelson said...

Fala Paulo, tudo bem? Pois é, vc levantou uma boa bola. Fico observando o marketing global das outras ligas de futebol (principalmente a 'Premier League' da Inglaterra), e fica muito claro como eles são muito mais organizados do que no Brasil. Não é à toa que enquanto o Brasil exporta jogadores, eles exportam marcas (dos times). abs, Nelson