Wednesday, March 28, 2007

minority report-esque?

I guess some of you must've seen this already, but I only saw it yesterday. Jeff Han, of NYU, showing his multi-touch user interface. Notice how you move your entire body, much as in some video game that I'm becoming tired of writing about. So, do the iPhone, the Wii (oops), and this demo point out the future of computer user interface? Interesting that Mr. Han says that a 3-D interface would actually be a step backwards, definitely not "Minority Report" then, after all. The official wordless demo below (via Pogue's Post).


Duncan said...

thx for the link!!


bibianalopez said...


I saw him in amsterdan last year at the Pic Nic meeting. It´s very nice : )

Nelson said...

Duncan, you're welcome, great video. Bibi, you only told me briefly about the conference in Amsterdam. Must've been great.