Monday, July 02, 2007

toto is happiness

Toto, Japan's maker of hi-tech toilet seats (known as washlets) is trying to enter the American market. To me, it's a mystery why this hasn't happened before.
Whoever tries this comfy toilet seat will never forget the experience. Interesting to see how they're trying to sell a 'higher order' of cleanliness, if you will, and ultimately 'happiness'.
Check out their cheeky web page below.
And here, a shot of the control buttons. These icons always make me smile.

(link via cityofsound)


michell said...

it's a lot less amusing when you actually have to use it for the first time, and when all the buttons are in japanese ;)

still wish we had them here in brazil though.

Nelson said...

That's one more reason to learn japanese! ;-)