Monday, November 20, 2006

sony losing money selling ps3

You really can't have any more secrets in this world. A company called iSuppli dismantled a PS3 to analyze its components. They reached the conclusion that Sony is losing up to US$ 300.00 for every PS3 unit they sell, depending on the configuration. “It’s common for video-game console makers to lose money on hardware, and make up for the loss via video game-title sales. Still, the size of Sony’s loss per unit is remarkable, even for the video-game console business,” iSuppli said. Still according to the company, the PS3 has “more processing power and capability than any consumer electronics device in history,” and consumers are to gain because they will get a supercomputer performance for the price of a PC (via Yahoo!News).


mz said...

...they lose on each sale, but they make up for it in volume... :)

Nelson said...

well, according to what analysts are saying, it's the "Gillette" strategy, you make money selling the cartridges, not the razor.